May 04, 2015

Hace unos meses estaba me encontré con unos anillos gruesos que parecían como tres en uno. Cuando pedí que me los enseñaran me dijeron que eran anillos para meditación y me explicaron que normalmente los usan para calmar los nervios o para meditar y lo que los hace diferentes de otros es que la banda del centro gira, entonces la gente puede darle vueltas a este anillo y calmar su ansiedad. 

¡Qué tal!

¡Yo seguido hago eso con un anillo que uso desde hace años en el dedo pulgar! jaja... y no es que lo haya hecho conscientemente, pero sí he notado que a veces lo hago, así que supongo algo habrá de cierto y entre que sí y que no, creo que hay diseños bastante interesantes. 

¿Habían escuchado de estos anillos?

A few months ago I was visiting a jewellery shop when I saw a group of rings that catched my attention. They were a bit thicker than usual and looked like they were three rings into one so I asked to see them and they explained me these were meditation rings. 

I'm pretty sure they noticed I had never heard of that and they explained how some people wear them to relief their anxiety or to meditate and what makes these rings different from others is they have a band in the center that is a bit loose so you can gently spin it around your finger.

I realised that without knowing about this I have been wearing a ring on my right thumb for years and indeed sometimes I've found myself playing with it, so I guess there is some truth in that. I don't know if it works for everybody but I think there are some really pretty designs out there!

Had you ever heard of these?

* Fotos vía ruth doronglasskatz

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