April 23, 2015

Every year I only have one rule to follow during my birthday: don't expect anything.

I know it sounds kind of dramatic and sad, but the truth is I love when I'm not planning anything and whatever happens is just perfect!.. interesting twist, uh?

Let me explain: In Mexico my birthday always falls on the day before Mother's day, which is a complete bummer (sorry, moms!) because it is the worse timing to throw a party since everyone is preparing or shopping something cool for their moms. 

So, a couple of years ago my sis and I realised the 9th of april was the middle point between our birthdays and we decided we would celebrate both of our birthdays by doing something cool just her and I on that day.

It was pretty rad! We went swimming, then the next year we went to a small safari, to the movies and shopping undies (haha!), and then this year -and two countries away- we just had a fun conversation over the phone filled with laughs and a lot of silly stories. 

If it had been up to me I probably would have paid us a trip to some island in the Caribbean and lay there with cold coconuts and frozen piña coladas. Oh yes. But, anyway... I guess we'll work on that! :)

Now my birthday is less than two weeks away and although I thought I had escaped fate and that here, in a different country the thing with Mother's day would be different.. turns out this year it will fall on the exact same day after my birthday... which makes me a bit mad if I have to be honest, but at the same time I hope it brings a good amount of cool unexpected things. We'll see. 

Oh, by the way I've been thinking about this particular year. A couple of years ago I heard from a very pretty, successful, fun and wise woman (plus: beauty editor at a fancy women's magazine and guest writer for other magazines and newspapers! -I, know, right!?) that she was feeling even better now that -at that time- she was 28 than when she was 23 (I was 23!) and that now life seemed like a better place and she had just stopped worrying about silly things that used to bother her before. 

I remembered I thought: dang! 28 sounds great! and ever since, that idea had been in the back of my mind, wondering how life would look like to me by the time I was 28. 

Today, a few days before getting there I can feel already what she was talking about. And it's great! You worry a lot less about b.s. and you start picking your battles (career-health-love-friend-wise) and somehow you feel a bit more like taking control of your life. I won't even try to be slightly discreet about it: It's a kick-ass feeling! Especially to someone that during her teenage years felt like adolescence was never going to end and that she was going to become a lame version of a Drew Barrymore's rom-com character by the time she was 30! haha (see how dramatic I was?)

Anyway... I've also thought -thoroughly- about what presents I shall get -from me to me-!... and although I'm not really into buying all I see nor spending crazy long days at the mall, this year I have planned a small but detailed list of what to splurge on! BUT... that is material for a different post.

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