A little experiment

May 20, 2014

I have been thinking again if I should start writing in english or both english and spanish, although to be honest I have tried it before but it's a bummer!.. write something and then try to translate it with the same fresh air as the first time... goodness! It is a full time job. 

I was discussing this issue with a creative lifestyle blogger (which I am starting to adore) and I told her that in a few months I will be living in another country. An english speaking Country. Canada to be precise. And I think this blog will become some sort of spanish friendly refugee or at least that's how I picture it but you know, when you write in english you have an amazing opportuniy to talk to the entire world and share, read, be read and connect with more people, which is tempting. So. Very. Tempting. 

And I don't know if it's because most of the blogs I read are written in english or what but I think I'm funnier in english than in spanish! haha... isn't it weird!? 

Time will tell what I'll do. In the meantime this is just a quick experiment past midnight (why not!?) and  tomorrow will be back to my regular posting in spanish. 

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