what's your power object?

Últimamente he estado pensando mucho en la idea de los “objetos de poder“, o para ponerlo de otra manera: los objetos que usamos como red de seguridad, como un escudo para protegernos del mundo. Recently I've been thinking a lot about the idea of “power objects“... or to put it in other words: the things we use as a safety blanket, as a shield against the world. 

gif test

So... I was doing some tests with the new layout and the juxtaposition of these images is too good not to leave it over here. :) Also, probably the first image would represent me quite accurately whenever I'd notice something “strange“ on the template and I imagine my designer going a bit like the second image, haha..  She's so talented and has been so patient! (Thanks!)

Anyway... now that everything is as I wanted you can totally picture me going like this... or this.. or this!... you get the idea, right? ;)

citè mèmoire

Éste proyecto en Montreal me tiene encantada
How cool is this project in Montreal!! 

+ info...

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 Alice in Wonderland Remix

A very quirky song by french band Odezenne
// Check the the video below:

two art projects born after a heartbreak

Todos hemos pasado por algún tipo de desilusión amorosa pero estas dos mujeres en vez de sentarse a comer helado en pijama, aprovecharon la emoción para crear arte.

We've all been through some sort of heartbreak but these two women instead of eating ice cream in their PJ's turned this emotion into very cool art projects. 

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♪ Pedestrian at best by Courtney Barnett.

Give me all your money and i'll make some origami honey.
(Been singing this line all day!)

... this Australian gal really rocks! AND she'll give a show this week in Toronto!
// Check the video below:

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