an art show a week | week 6: Sarah Cale, Potpourri

February 20, 2018

Week 6: Clint Roenisch Gallery
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free
Came to see: Sarah Cale, Potpurri
Favourite Artwork: My Vertigo

Take a closer look at these flowers and you'll soon notice instead of brushstrokes, artist Sarah Cale has carefully placed pieces of commercial papers to create this stunning piece.


About the Exhibition: 
“The work in this exhibition was made over a one-year period of upheaval in five different studios. Paintings are often made of recycled packaging, reused dried paint flecks chipped from dead surfaces and oil paint built up in an oozing history. 

They are potpourri, sitting in a pretty dish as an illusion of what was. Masking the scent of dampness. They were amidst mildew and spiders and dust. Smells, both real and deceptive, fake perfumes, slipping in and out of worlds. Organic saccharine, visual rot, a hallucination. These paintings self-consciously go down a wormhole of a still life, a jumping off point into a wide gulf. Where chunks of ceramics, lace and petals are reformed in strange and musty molds.“

Sarah CalePotpourri
11 January - 25 February 
Clint Roenish Gallery 

an art show a week | week 5: All the Names

February 13, 2018

La semana pasada inicié un proyecto personal y no había podido escribir aquí así que estoy feliz de ponerme al corriente. Empiezo por contarles que el sábado me uní a un tour con Rebecca Carbin por una serie de Galerías que se encuentran el el Oeste de la ciudad. También pudimos platicar con algunos de los curadores, woo hoo! Siempre es extra interesante escuchar sobre los procesos y las ideas detrás de una exhibición y de los artistas en ellas.

Nuestra primer parada fue en Scrap Metal, una galería escondida en la parte de atrás de una fábrica. Llegando ahí uno puede sentirse desorientado, pero sólo hay que caminar por un pasillo a la izquierda de la entrada principal y buscar por la señal azul.... ¡ah, esa señal! 

Last week I started a personal project and I couldn't post here on time, so I'm glad to be -finally- catching up!... I'll start by telling you on Saturday I was able to join a tour with Rebecca Carbin around a few galleries located in the West End of the city. We were also lucky to meet some of the curators, woo, hoo! It is always extra interesting to hear about the thought process behind an exhibition and about the artists that are part of it. 

Our first stop was at Scrap Metal, a hidden gallery in the back of a manufacturer company. You may get a bit disoriented when you first get here, but fear not! Just go to the little alley to the left of the main entrance and look for the blue sign... oh, that blue sign!

Week 5: Scrap Metal Gallery
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free/by appointment
Came to see: All the Names
Favourite Artwork:
 Walead Beshty, FedEx® Kraft Box ©2005 FEDEX 330504 REV 10/05 SSCC

an art show a week | week 4: Figures of Sleep

February 02, 2018

Ron Mueck, (untitled) old woman in bed
La semana pasada me fui a la Noche de las Ideas en Toronto. Es un evento que se realiza en más de 50 ciudades alrededor del mundo. Está impulsada por el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Francia y personas de diferentes disciplinas se reúnen para hablar sobre el mismo tema, que en este caso fue el sueño. En el marco de este evento también se inauguró la exposición “Figures of Sleep“, aunque les confieso que ese día mi amiga y yo nos perdimos así que después regresé a ver lo que me faltó. Oops!

Last week I went to the Night of Ideas. This is a French-initiated event taking place all night long in over 50 cities around the world. Here, people from different backgrounds gather to talk about the same topic through different angles. In this case, the subject was: sleep. This was as well the opening night of the exhibition “Figures of Sleep“. I have to confess though... my friend and I got a bit lost that day so I had to come back this week to see the rest of the show. Oops!

Week 4: University of Toronto, Art Museum
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free
Came to see: Figures of Sleep
Favourite Artwork: One Year Performance by Tehching Hsieh / Insomnia drawings by Louise Bourgeois

About creating content and finding an audience

January 23, 2018

“Before you ever create content, ask yourself, "who will help amplify this, and why?" If you don't have a great, specific answer to that question, reconsider whether you should create it at all. “
- Rand Fishkin VIA 

Identify your audience. Create valuable content. Love it.

an art show a week | week 3: The Sunshine Eaters, Onsite Gallery

January 22, 2018

Shary Boyle: Change Room, Trumpet, Orchid, 2018

Hace unos días se inauguró la exhibición “The Sunshine Eaters“, justo después de una plática entre los artistas Nick Cave y Ebony G. Patterson, moderada por la curadora Lisa Deanne Smith (con quien trabajé hace unos meses en OCAD U) y que me perdí por estar enferma (aplausos). Además de curiosidad de ver los famosos SOUNDSUITS de Nick Cave, también tenía muchas ganas de visitar la Onsite Gallery, que me tocó ver desde antes que abrieran al público en Septiembre pasado. Aquí algunas fotos de mi visita. 

A few days ago, before the opening of the exhibition “The Sunshine Eaters,“ there was a conversation with artists Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson, moderated by curator Lisa Deanne Smith (whom I worked with a few months ago at OCAD U), which I totally missed because I got sick (applause). Besides being curious about the famous SOUNDSUITS by Nick Cave, I was dying to visit the Onsite Gallery, which I was able to see way before it opened its doors to the public this past September. Here some pictures of my visit.

Week 3: Onsite Gallery, OCAD University
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free
Visited: January, 2017
Came to see: The Sunshine Eaters
Favourite Artwork: Libra Season, coloured pencil and paper collage by Winnie Truong, Mirrored Room, porcelain sculpture by Sharyn Boyle. 

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